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Why is a clutch so important ?

Your car's clutch is vital, used to transfer the power from your engine to the gearbox before it's passed to the wheels. If not working perfectly you unnecessarily waste fuel, have increasing difficulty moving off or accelerating, may damage other parts of the transmission, and could easily end up stranded at the side of the road.

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When a clutch begins to malfunction you'll notice a difference in the way it responds to your inputs. You may experience one or more of the following:

  • A sensation of acceleration loss, especially when going uphill.
  • Changing gear becomes difficult or noisy, possibly with a grinding or grating noise in one or more gear positions.
  • Pressing the accelerator doesn't appear to increase speed in the way that it had done before.
  • The engine revs up or bogs down at random intervals.

Our customers say...

“My Golf broke down with no warning at the 'Maid of Erin' roundabout. I couldn't get a garage to even look at it, then a friend suggested Clutch Doctor. In no time at all I was whizzing around town again with a new clutch — and it's still going great!

― P.K., Tubber

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Some more clutch issues and their causes

Clutch Dragging

A noise is heard when engaging first gear when the car is in neutral, the car moves even though the clutch pedal is depressed.

In some cases this can be caused by bad adjustments, worn hydraulics, oil contamination, fluid loss, seized bearings, worn parts or damaged components.

Clutch Juddering

A strange low vibration is detectable when driving normally.

It may be as a result of oil contamination, faulty pressure or drive plates, damage to the flywheel in automatics, loose or worn engine mountings, or even a misalignment between the engine and gearbox.

Clutch Slipping

Pressing the accelerator revs the engine but no longer seems to provide power or an increase in speed, particularly if going uphill.

This may be caused by worn clutch facings, oil contamination, badly-adjusted clutch, damaged or faulty pressure plate, damaged or broken springs, etc.


Our Mission

Specialist clutch services for all cars, light vans and 4x4 vehicles, providing the very best quality results for customers, whether as a scheduled service or an unexpected repair.

We believe our customers should be treated with the same care and courtesy as we would expect if we were the customer.

Why Us?

Years of expertise, attention to detail, superb reputation, and an overwhelming desire to ensure happy and content customers, means that Clutch Doctor is the perfect solution when you need anything clutch-related.

And—of course—we're more than happy to provide other vehicle services as required. Simply ask.

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